Yonex Badminton Strings Guide: What String is Best?

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Last Updated on 27/11/2023 by Kriss

The sheer amount of Yonex Badminton Strings can be very confusing! There are so many options and weird names that is hard to keep track. Today, we will clear the clutter and explain all Yonex Strings, their technology, and materials.

Let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Yonex String Chart

Each Yonex String in a spider chart.
Detailed overview of all Yonex Strings

Selecting the appropriate badminton strings can have a major impact on your repulsion power and control over shuttles. Each string has a string chart, but it is pretty hard to rank them against each other without ever testing them. Our Yonex String Chart tries to clear the clutter so you can see all strings and their properties at a glance. But there are other factors besides the string itself that you need to know.

Key Factors to Consider

When selecting Yonex badminton strings, certain factors have to be taken into account including power of repulsion, durability, the sound when striking with the shuttle, and control. Repulsion power is measured by how much a string propels it away from its racket upon contact. Yonex’s own materials like Hi-Sling fiber on the Skyarc strings have different effects on repulsion and hold of the shuttle.

Importance of String Tension

The tension of the strings is an important factor when it comes to playing badminton – having higher or lower tension will affect your accuracy, power, and longevity. Increasing string tension makes for more accurate shots that have greater control but decreased power. While reducing string tension gives you added force at the cost of precision.

Professional players in badminton tend to go for stringer tensions above 27 lbs (12 kg), which can take its toll on their rackets’ frames as they are likely put under additional strain. Strings can break more easily under high pressure but the trade-off is worth it for the pro players. As a beginner, you should look at levels between 20 – 23 lbs (9 – 10.5 kg).

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Popular Yonex Badminton Strings: Features and Benefits

Yonex Strings Clutter
There are many options for you to choose from.

Yonex produces a wide selection of badminton strings designed to appeal to various playing styles. Some highly regarded choices in this area include the BG 65, Aerobite, and the BG 66 Ultimax lines with all providing specialized features for specific purposes. The newest addition is the Exbolt series, which also has a lot of fans around the badminton world.

We’ll be taking an inside look at what makes these Yonex strings so popular and how their unique characteristics can shape your game.

Yonex BG 65: The Allrounder

BG 65 Spider Chart.

Yonex BG 65 badminton string is acclaimed for its long-lasting performance and sturdy construction. With a 0.70mm gauge, and a multifilament core made up of high-quality nylon fibers, it offers excellent repulsion that makes any racket feel solid and soft during play.

This makes BG 65 a popular beginner’s choice, and I have played the BG 65 for quite a few years as well. If you need an argument to keep playing it: The current world number one in mixed doubles Zheng Si Wei plays the Yonex BG 65.

Yonex BG 66 Ultimax: A Powerhouse

BG 66 Ultimax Spider Chart

For players who desire an aggressive style of play with maximum speed, the Yonex BG 66 Ultimax is a great choice. This string provides remarkable all-round performance for great power and control.

Its core is made from high-intensity nylon, which offers 30% greater durability than regular versions, while its outer features a high polymer construction to provide sharp repulsion plus strength.

Its brother the BG 66 is less durable and has less control. Other strings for big power are the Yonex BG 66 Force, Nanogy 98, both Exbolt strings, and the Aerosonic. Another string that I’ve also used is the BG 80 Power – it features nice power with good durability.

Yonex Aerobite

Yonex Aerobite String

Yonex’s Aerobite is a perfect hybrid string selection for players who are looking for control and accuracy in their game. It incorporates repulsion and control with a nice sharp hitting sound and good shock absorption.

The Aerobite is also a pretty unique blend, because it uses different gauges for the horizontal and vertical strings. The main strings are 0.67mm and the crosses are 0.61mm, which according to Yonex should increase the control of the string.

I’ve played the Aerobite Strings as well and I did like it a lot, but the Arcsaber 11 Pro which I currently play already has lots of control. That is why I’ve switched to the Exbolt 63.

Yonex Exbolt 63

The Yonex Exbolt is still a pretty young addition to the Yonex lineup. It features a thing 0.63mm string with exceptional repulsion power and control. It features a high quality nylon fibres core with a “Special Braided Forged Fiber” outer layer.

I currently play this string and I think I am restring the racket with the Exbolt 63 again. It is a bit more “slippery” than the Aerobite, but not by much.

Advanced Yonex String Technologies

High Modulus Vectran Fibre technology in Yonex badminton strings

Yonex strives to create innovative and cutting-edge badminton strings through its advanced string technologies. Some of the exclusive features of Yonex’s badminton strings include High Modulus Vectran Fibre, Compound Titanium Hybrid Coating, and High-Intensity Multifilament Nylon for superior performance as well as lasting durability.

Let’s take a detailed look at these technologies.

High Modulus Vectran Fibre

A lot of Yonex Strings use High Modulus Vectran Fibre, a synthetic fiber. This advanced material possesses notable features such as exceptional strength and long-lasting durability, offering improved play with excellent tension maintenance.

When this fiber is woven around the strong multifilament core in Yonex strings, it provides much-needed shock absorption along with added repulsion power during gameplay thus creating more comfort and control while playing Badminton.

Yonex itself keeps the details secret – so we can only test each string to see if it reaches our expectations.

Compound Titanium Hybrid Coating

Some Yonex badminton strings feature a Compound Titanium Hybrid Coating technology. It provides hard hitters with a balance between comfort and intensity when hitting. The coating also resists abrasion as well as decreasing string breakage during intense gameplay sessions.

It gives Yonex badminton strings an amplified sharpness in sound at impact that adds to overall audio quality. This particular technology can be seen on popular models such as BG80, or BG66 Ultimax.

Oftentimes, you need to keep the balance between durability and performance. Modern strings are all made of some sort of synthetic material and they do break at some point. Back in the day, strings used to be made of natural gut. If you want to know more about all the materials your badminton racket is made of, you can read our post here.

High-Intensity Multifilament Nylon

Yonex badminton strings are made of high-quality nylon fibers known for their powerful performance and durability, as well as their ability to maintain tension. This material is called High-Intensity Multifilament Nylon. It consists of many filament strands that increase elasticity and responsiveness while playing. The core allows great strength with the textured surface allowing increased control from having more “bite” on the shuttlecock.

Badminton Strings
The Exbolt 63 features the High-Intensity Multifilament Nylon

Not only do these provide such benefits but also remain durable in case someone often breaks or snaps his/her string due to intense playstyles.

Tips for Maximizing Your Yonex Badminton Strings’ Performance

When using Yonex badminton strings, it’s essential to achieve the correct tension for optimum performance.

Finding the Right Tension

Different Strings have different characteristics. But besides the actual string – the tension you put on the string is just as important. To help you achieve optimal results, here are some recommended tensions according to ability: Beginner players should use strings with a tension range between 20 – 23 lbs (9 – 10.5 kg). Intermediate players can go as high as 25lbs (~11.5kg). Pros usually use very high tension that even goes over the recommended maximum for the racket. Everything over 26-27 lbs ( > 12kg) is considered very high.

Maintenance and Care

Yonex badminton should last you a long time with regular play. The exact time obviously comes down to the string itself, the tension, and your skillset. You should try to avoid big temperature changes for the strings since they expand and shrink with temperature. Also, keep the racket in its bag and you should be good to go.

How to Choose The Right String For You

All Yonex Strings rated in a single spider chart.
All Yonex Strings in one image.

So now that you know about all the strings…How do you select the right one? First, you can orient yourself on our overview chart and see what fits into your playing style. But even then, you might now like the strings. It really comes down to personal preference.

There is no “best” string. Sure, a lot of pro players play the Exbolt 63 or Aerobite right now, but you can see others playing with the BG65 as well. Go ahead and try as many as you can to see what fits you. I still have to try a couple of strings that I have never played like the Skyarc, but I’ve also already found some strings that I love like the BG80 Power or Aerobite.


Having expertise in the big world of Yonex Strings and comprehending what makes each string unique is important. We’ve gone over all strings and what makes them special – now it is your turn to go out and try them out for yourself.

Happy Playing!

FAQ in Relation to Yonex Badminton Strings

What is the difference between Exbolt 65 and 66 Ultimax?

The Exbolt 65 is characterized by a much more uniform, smoother feel compared to the BG66 Ultimax, which tends to have more texture. If you prefer strings with some roughness to them, then this might not be suitable for your taste in tennis equipment.

What strings do Yonex rackets come with?

Yonex pre-strung badminton rackets are outfitted with a nylon monofilament known as Yonex Demo Gut, instead of the more expensive BG65 multifilament. This extruded low-cost option is specifically provided by Yonex for stringing these racquets.

What string tension do professional badminton players use?

Badminton pros often employ string tensions of 27lbs or more when playing.

How do I choose a badminton string?

For a better playing experience with badminton string, it is recommended to start off using one of lower tension (16-24 lbs) and then gradually move up as skill level increases for enhanced control while hitting.

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