Game Changer: How to Make Your Shuttlecocks More Durable

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Last Updated on 25/10/2023 by Kriss

The real feather shuttlecock is the default choice for intermediate and pro players. However, regular play can be expensive when you destroy one or even more shuttles per game. This post aims to equip you with effective strategies to increase the durability of your badminton shuttles, ensuring your game remains at its peak.

Let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Shuttlecock

Before we explore the various maintenance strategies, it’s crucial to comprehend the shuttlecock’s composition. Shuttlecocks primarily come in two types: feathered and synthetic. Feathered shuttles, crafted from duck or goose feathers, offer a unique feel and flight, while synthetic shuttles, made from nylon or similar materials, provide durability and consistency. Each type has its own specific care and maintenance requirements, but we will only cover feather shuttles in this post.

Strategies for Increasing Durability of Shuttles

1. Proper Storage of your Shuttlecocks

The way you store your shuttlecocks can significantly impact their longevity. It’s recommended to keep them at room temperature and not too dry. Especially floor heating can be tricky since the heat reaches the shuttles in the tube even when they are stored in your bag that lies on the floor.

I once played with some shuttles that were stored near a heater and they were so dry that after a few strokes, the feathers started to break already. For optimal protection, store them in their original tube when they’re not in use to shield them from potential damage.

Damaged shuttlecock

2. Humidification: A Must for Feather Shuttles

Feather shuttles are susceptible to becoming brittle and breaking easily in arid conditions. To counteract this, consider humidifying them. This can be achieved by storing them in a humid container or using a dedicated shuttle humidifier. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance, as excessive moisture can be equally damaging to the shuttles.

Some players prefer to keep the shuttlecock tube in the bathroom so that the steam from a hot shower can do the work of humidifying the feather birdies.

3. Steaming The Shuttlecock Before the Game

Steaming shuttlecocks is a popular method used to increase the durability of feather shuttles, especially in areas with harsh winters that can cause the shuttles to dry out quickly. Here are a few ways to steam your shuttles:

  • Use a shuttlecock steamer, which is specifically designed to handle drying shuttlecocks. These are readily available in badminton equipment stores online.
  • Use a kettle or a flask of boiled water. Place the shuttlecock tube on the kettle/flask and let the steam enter the tube for 30 seconds.
shuttle humidifier
A shuttle humidifier can prolong the life of your shuttles. Source

4. Proper Hitting Technique

Believe it or not, your hitting technique can significantly affect your shuttle’s durability. Incorrect hitting, such as striking the shuttle with the racket’s frame instead of the strings, can lead to premature breakage. Hence, refining your technique not only enhances your performance but also contributes to the longevity of your shuttles. You will probably see the amateurs or new players in your club go through more shuttles than the more intermediate players.

5. Don’t Buy Cheap Shuttlecocks

While there are many choices and this might not be the case for every brand and shuttle: Don’t buy the cheapest shuttles you find. Oftentimes, their build quality is bad, they break easily and their flight curve is also less than ideal.

Our experience says that cheap shuttles just aren’t worth it. Buy from reputable brands like Yonex, Oliver, Victor, LiNing or RSL. Their shuttles have great quality and will last longer than the very cheap options


By extending the life of your badminton shuttles, you stand to gain both economically and performance-wise. Implementing these straightforward yet effective tips can help ensure your shuttles retain their quality for longer, enabling you to enjoy your game to the fullest. Here’s to many more thrilling badminton matches!

FAQ in Relation to Badminton Shuttle Durability

How durable are real feather shuttlecocks?

They are less durable than plastic shuttlecocks. With proper storage, humidification, and technique you can enjoy their superior feeling and flight path for a longer time.

Are Shuttlecock Humidifiers worth it?

In our opinion – yes! They increase the durability of your shuttlecock and give it a better and more consistent feeling.

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