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Welcome to your Badminton Quiz

What is the number of points needed to win a standard badminton set?

How many feathers does a shuttlecock usually have?

How long is the standard badminton court?

In which country was the game, as we know it today, originally invented?

What tournament is also known as the "Wimbledon of Badminton"?

Is it legal to serve overhand in badminton?

If the score in a set reaches 20:20 - you need a two-point advantage to win. But there is a limit score. What is the maximum amount of points a player needs to win a set?

Numerous Asian countries have a strong presence in international badminton, yet there is one European nation that consistently competes at the highest level. What nation are we looking for?

What is the correct height of the badminton net?

What is so special about the Sudirman Cup, Uber Cup, and Thomas Cup?

What is NOT a category for rackets?

If the shuttlecock lands outside the court it is a fault. What happens if it lands right on the line?

Speaking of faults - how many challenges does a badminton player have during a game?

What is NOT a popular badminton brand?

Badminton is an olympic sport. What was the first year that badminton was part of the Olympic Games?

Like many games, badminton has a card system that is used for warnings and punishments. What cards are there in badminton?

Badminton is the fastest sport in the world. As per Guinnes World Records - how fast was the fastest smash in competition (not in a controlled environment)?

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