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Overtraining: Common Signs And How To Bounce Back

Have you ever felt like you were going nowhere even though you trained very hard? Did you lose motivation and feel sore all the time? The reason behind that might be overtraining. This condition can cause progress to plateau or even decline as effort and intensity continue. Learn more on how to spot the symptoms and overcome overtraining.

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Techniques & Tactics

Basic Badminton Shots And How To Play Them

If you are a beginner at badminton and wonder how many shots and strokes there are, or you don’t know what a “clear” or “drop shot” is – this post is for you. We will give you all the basic strokes and shots that you need to understand and practice to be successful on the court.

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Yonex Badminton Strings Guide: What String is Best?

Explore our Yonex Badminton Strings Guide for practical advice on selecting the right string. Learn about the features and benefits of popular options like BG 65 and Aerobite, and get tips on string tension and maintenance for optimal performance. Ideal for players at any skill level seeking to improve their game.

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