Arcsaber 11 Pro Review: A New Era of Control

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Last Updated on 08/08/2023 by Kriss

When it comes to badminton rackets that resonate with control and precision, the name Arcsaber often echoes in the minds of enthusiasts. The Yonex Arcsaber series has been a favorite among players seeking a blend of control and stability. Now, the legacy continues with the introduction of the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro — a racket that promises to take the game to the next level.

The Arcsaber 11 Pro isn’t just a successor; it’s a direct upgrade to the adored Arcsaber 11, a racket that has graced the hands of many greats in the sport like Taufik Hidyat and Greysia Polii.

But does it live up to the hype? In this review, we’ll delve into the Arcsaber 11 Pro, looking at its appearance, control, power, speed, and unique features. Whether you’re a fan of the original Arcsaber 11 or looking to upgrade your game, this review aims to provide insights that will help you make an informed decision.

So without further ado – let’s take a look a deeper look at this racket.

My First Impressions

The first thing that catches your eye is the sleek and matte finish, which is hard to capture on camera but looks really beautiful in person. The Grayish Pearl color gives it a nice touch, and the red accents elegantly swirl around the racket. Check out our image gallery of the racket below:

But it’s not just about the looks; it’s about how the racket feels in your hand. The Arcsaber 11 Pro feels like a worthy successor, a modern refinement of its decade-old brother. The first swings bring back the “Arcsaber feeling”. The racket feels very nice during the first few strokes and seems to follow everything you want it to do.

The first impression sets the stage for what’s to come. As we dive into the gameplay and performance, the Arcsaber 11 Pro has already made a statement. But how does it translate into action? Let’s find out in the next sections.

Technical Specs

Head MaterialHM Graphite / POCKETING BOOSTER
Shaft MaterialHM Graphite / SUPER HMG / ULTRA PE FIBER
Weight / Grip3U/G4 (85-89g)
Length10 mm longer
TechnologyNEW Built-in T-Joint / T-ANCHOR
DescriptionDesigned for control, precision, energy storage
BalanceEven Balance
You can find all the specs on the website from Yonex

Not much to talk about here. The Arcsaber family consists of mostly even balanced rackets that are neither very heavy nor very light. Interesting is the 10mm longer length. One whole centimeter is quite a lot and this might increase the leverage for powerful shots like the smash.

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On Court Performance

Enough of the technology and design. How does the Arcsaber 11 Pro perform on the court? We have tested every aspect of the racket:


Netplay is where control is king. With the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro, you’re in for a treat. The racket’s stiff flex and even balance allow for a responsive and controlled touch, making those tight net spins and soft taps a breeze. Deceptive lifts are also no problem. The racket obeys every move.

The Racket is stiff and caters to intermediate and pro players


  • Precision: The racket’s design ensures that your net shots land exactly where you want them. It’s like having a GPS for your shuttle!
  • Feel: The Arcsaber 11 Pro provides a tactile sensation that lets you “feel” the shuttle, giving you the confidence to play those delicate shots.


  • None!

Midcourt and Defense

The midcourt is where the Arcsaber 11 Pro performs very well. Whether you’re driving the shuttle with power or defending against smashes, this racket has your back. We have already mentioned the racket in our Astrox 88S review so I will do the same comparison here: The Arcsaber 11 Pro moves quicker which gives more confidence on defense. The drives feel very nice, but you will need good technique to generate enough power. This is where the Astrox 88S is stronger.

Control: The racket’s balance and design offer excellent control in midcourt rallies. You can place drives and pushes with pinpoint accuracy, making your opponent dance to your tune. But you will need a good technique to generate crisp and sharp drives. Control on defense feels great and natural.

Is there anything missing from this review or would you like us to review a specific racket - feel free to leave a comment.


Looking to unleash thunderous smashes? This is where the original Arcsaber 11 lacked a bit.

It is expected that the Arcsaber performs worse than dedicated smash weapons. While it’s not a power monster, it offers a controlled and strong smash. The longer shaft might help here. Smash angle and placement are very nice, but it doesn’t have the power of a head heavy racket.

The Arcsaber definitely has a lot of control, but your smashes will still be potent

Clears are no problem. You need to a little bit more power into the clears compared to head heavy rackets but you are in full control of where the shuttle is going. Again, if you have poor technique and are not used to the stiffness of the racket you might struggle to get the shuttlecock all the way to the back of your opponent’s court.

Control and Shuttle Hold

The Arcsaber 11 Pro’s claim to fame is its control and shuttle hold. It’s like the racket and the shuttle are having a conversation, and you’re in control of the dialogue.

Precision: Whether it’s placing a drop shot or guiding a smash, the precision is top-notch.

Shuttle Hold: The technology in the racket allows for longer contact with the shuttle, giving you more control over its direction and speed. Will you be able to feel this while you play? I found it hard to notice a real difference. We are talking about fragments of a second here and I didn’t feel like the shuttle was touching the strings longer compared to other rackets. What I did feel was excellent control in every scenario. It is like the racket has no quirks. Most rackets have some weak points that you need to deal with. The Arcsaber 11 Pro feels like it has no real weakness, but also no dedicated strength (besides the focus on control).

For Whom Is This Racket?

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro is an excellent racket, however, it is not designed for every player.

1. Control Enthusiasts: If you’re the kind of player who loves to dictate the game, placing shots with surgical precision and making your opponents run ragged, this racket is your magic wand. The control and shuttle hold are nothing short of spectacular. This also makes it a good racket for both singles and doubles.

2. Intermediate to Advanced Players: While beginners can certainly enjoy this racket, the stiff flex and control-oriented design make it especially appealing to intermediate and advanced players. It’s a racket that grows with you, rewarding skill and technique.

3. Players looking for an Allrounder: Jack of all trades – master of none. This is more of a compliment and not an insult. The racket can do everything, but it doesn’t outshine the rackets in the disciplines they are specialized in. For people looking for an all-around great racket that delivers everything in a very good way, the Arcsaber 11 Pro is a great choice.

4. Fans of the Arcsaber Series: If you’ve loved the original Arcsaber 11 or other rackets in the series, the Pro version is like meeting an old friend with a new and improved personality. It’s familiar yet fresh, retaining the essence of the series while adding new flair.

Not Ideal For: Pure power players seeking a racket that amplifies smashes to thunderous levels. The Arcsaber 11 Pro is more about controlled power rather than raw force. As mentioned before, the racket is also not the best choice for beginners.

The Arcsaber is a great racket, but it is also very expensive

String Recommendations

We have a full guide about string tension and different types of strings. I have played the racket with the standard Yonex BG65 strings which are the normal budget strings. I later switched to the Aerobite and the BG80 POWER. I did like the BG80 POWER option the most since it offered a bit more punch for the smashes.


The Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro is a versatile and sophisticated racket that caters to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a control maestro, a defensive wizard, or a doubles player, this racket has something special to offer.

So, is the Arcsaber 11 Pro calling your name? If control, precision, and finesse are music to your ears, this racket might just be your next love affair on the badminton court.

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